The Emerging Role of Philanthropy in Research

As scientific and medical research becomes more expensive while traditional funding sources remain stagnant or decline, researchers are depending more heavily on philanthropy.

Philanthropists like Dr. Gary Michelson are stepping up to meet these emerging 21st century funding challenges by upping the amounts they give as well as becoming more methodical and professional about how they give. As a result, philanthropists now have a key role to play even in the most vital areas of medical research, such as the development of vaccines—as reported in this Financial Times piece.

Nowhere are these newfound responsibilities of the modern philanthropist better exemplified than by the Gary Michelson foundations and institutions dedicated to medical research, such as:

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Philanthropy Is Shaping Education & Entrepreneurship

The 20th century brought radical changes to our economy and way of life, and this trend has continued into the 21st century. As a result, new educational methods and curricula are urgently required, which is the goal of Michelson foundations such as:

  • The Michelson 20MM Foundation promotes reform and innovation in higher education through the development and accessibility of better textbooks, and by doing more to connect students with business and community leaders.
  • The Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property promotes contemporary IP education so that tomorrow’s startups will have a firm grasp on their own intellectual property as well as on the minefield of legal liabilities surrounding IP in general. The Michelson Institute was recently featured in this EIN Presswire story.

About the Michelson Foundations

Michelson Philanthropy is a family of independent organizations and funding initiatives, founded by board certified orthopedic surgeon and inventor Dr. Gary K. Michelson, along with his wife, journalist and artist Alya Michelson.