The Michelson Runway logo, in white. Michelson Runway is a startup accelerator focused on educational innovation and accessibility, and is one of many charitable foundations and endeavors by retired orthopedic surgeon and philanthropist Dr. Gary K. Michelson.

Higher Education & Career Training Startup Accelerator | Michelson Runway (MR)

The Michelson Runway accelerator is a partnership initiative between the Michelson 20MM Foundation and Runway incubator.

This novel enterprise bridges institutions, innovators, and policymakers that share the common goal of solving the most pressing issues in postsecondary and vocational education. As an incubator, it is home to nearly 85 startups sharing 30,000 square feet of space; it is situated on the fourth floor of the Twitter building in downtown San Francisco.

The foundation constructs connections between institutions, supports innovators in technology, and engages policymakers to create sustainable, high-impact solutions. We believe in universal access to equitable, affordable, and high-quality education for college students and adult learners.

The Michelson Runway EdTech Accelerator program is designed to help entrepreneurs build relationships with institutional decision-makers in postsecondary education, perform research and testing for product-market-fit, and attract follow-on funding through our network of investors and corporate partners. We believe in user-centered design and adapt our programming to the needs of accepted startups.

We are looking to invest in companies working on programs, products, and/or services that improve equity, access, and efficacy in postsecondary education (higher education, workforce development, and/or lifelong learning). Our program lasts for 4 months and is a combination of in-person events in San Francisco, CA and virtual workshops. The accelerator kicks off in person in February and ends with an in-person Demo Day in May. Select startups will receive a $25K-$150K equity investment via a SAFE note (an agreement popularized by Y Combinator) with up to an additional $150K investment in follow-on funding.

Best of all, cohort companies will join our invigorating community of 200+ startups, with hundreds of entrepreneurs working on products and services that will power the future of education for generations to come. 20MM founder, Gary Michelson, is an orthopedic and spinal surgeon-turned-inventor, philanthropist and investor in education, animal welfare and medical research. The Michelson Runway Accelerator is one of his latest endeavors, aiming to cultivate a deeper understanding among all stakeholders of the kind of education students worldwide require to succeed in a networked economy.

Gary K. Michelson – Founder

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