A smaller version of the Michelson Found Animals Registry logo, in white. The registry is free to use and helps lost, microchipped animals to be identified and reunited with their owners.

The Found Animals Microchip Pet Registry is a nonprofit service founded by Dr. Gary Michelson which is dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families. With nearly $1.3 million dollars raised to-date to fund the registry, registration is the first microchip registry in the country.

The Microchip Registry Process

In addition to making the Found Animals Registry free of charge, we strive to make it easy to use so everyone can be reunited with their four-legged loved ones as quickly and simply as possible.

The first step is to ensure that your pet has been microchipped. This can be done at many adoption centers or most commonly through your pet’s vet. Many shelters and adoption centers will include microchipping as part of their adoption fees; the average cost of getting a pet microchipped is about $45.00.

Once your pet has been microchipped, head to the Found Animals Microchip Registry to create your free account. This requires entering some basic contact information as well as your pet’s microchip number. We accept all brands and frequencies of microchips.

After you enter your pet’s microchip and submit it to the registry, you’re done! You’ve just joined thousands of other pet owners in ensuring that, in the event your pet goes missing, you can greatly improve the chances of being reunited.

What To Do If Your Pet Is Lost

If your pet is lost and you are trying to locate them using the Found Animals Microchip Registry, the microchip number associated with your pet is searched in the database.

You can initiate a Found Pet Alert®, at which point you will receive updates via phone call, email, or text –– until you have been reunited with your beloved pet.

What is a Microchip –– and Do I Already Have One?

Your pet’s microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. It is painlessly implanted beneath your pet’s skin, just in between the shoulder blades. This chip features a number that is unique to your pet which can be used as an identifier when scanned by a veterinarian or at a shelter.

If you don’t know if your pet is microchipped, or you don’t know the microchip number, simply go to your any shelter, rescue, or veterinarian and have them scan your pet with a universal scanner. Write down the number so you have it handy for when you’re ready to register your pet through Found Animals.

About Found Animals Foundation

A lifelong animal lover, Dr. Gary Michelson was inspired to create Michelson Found Animals Foundation following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which separated hundreds of animals from their families in New Orleans. In that spirit, the foundation’s goal is to ensure that every lost pet can find its way home safely.

In addition to the Found Animals Microchip Registry, our programs include:

  • Free spaying and neuter services for dogs and cats
  • The Adopt & Shop humane-model pet adoption centers and pet supplies retail stores in Lakewood and Culver City, California
  • Michelson Prizes & Grants

At the Michelson Found Animals Foundation, our mission is to put more pets in better homes, because every pet deserves to be with good people. Learn more about the Michelson Found Animals Foundation here.

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