The Michelson Found Animals Foundation logo. Founded by Dr. Gary Michelson and his wife Alya Michelson, Michelson Found animals specializes in adopting out rescued pets, and providing microchipping and registry services.

Animal Welfare | Michelson Found Animals Foundation (FAF)

Animal welfare is important. The Michelson Found Animals Foundation was created by Dr. Gary Michelson in 2005 to improve the state of animal welfare. A lifelong animal lover, Dr. Michelson was moved by the plight of thousands of animals separated from their families by Hurricane Katrina. Inspired to help ensure that every lost pet can get home safely, the Foundation’s first grants were to provide microchips to Los Angeles area shelters. Innovative programs from this foundation include:

  • Adopt & Shop, a humane-model retail and pet adoption boutique in Culver City & Lakewood, California, where all pets offered for adoption are from local shelter partners
  • Microchip & Registry, which offers affordable microchips and scanners to shelters and nonprofit organizations nationwide as well as a free-for-life, national microchip registry called Found Animals Registry
  • Spaying and neuter services for dogs and cats
  • Prizes and grants - Including, the Saving Pets Challenge, a partnership with Crowdrise which brings the power of crowdfunding to animal welfare non-profits nationwide

We absolutely love all kinds of pets, but they aren't the best arbiters for their own cause. Don't worry, they're not offended by that. They give us endless love, compassion, loyalty, and cuddles. It's our end of the bargain to give them food, shelter, protection, and endless tummy rubs. That's why it's our mission to put pets in homes and keep them there– because all pets are meant to be with good people.

The Michelson Found Animals Foundation is part of the Gary Michelson Philanthropy Initiative.

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